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In the interest of agriculture sector segment, the Internet of Things has bolted up beyond the realm. From productive ways of soil cultivation to raising livestock with cheap, easy-to- install sensors. IOT has a lot to offer. With the boom of Internet of Things in agriculture, different farming applications are gaining pace with the vision to deliver 24/7 visibility into soil and crop state, machinery used or to be used, storage locations, animal husbandry, and energy usage level.

The TechThat open-source IoT Platform is a technology that allows bigger perspective into the agriculture IoT field. By combining together different sensors, devices, and facilities, TechThat streamlines the aspect of smart farming systems to the maximum degree possible. TechThat is applicable for multi-purpose smart farming products - such as smart metering devices, animal trackers and failure prediction systems. Activities such as resource mapping and farming produce analytics solutions are also possible via IoT in this segment.

TechThat is feature-rich and, as an open-source platform, gives us a privilege of full access to its modules for any necessary changes, extensions or integrations. TechThat already provides a set of built in components for a quick start with smart farming applications. As it goes like, farming is all about connecting with soil and weather – let us leave everything else to TechThat.

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