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The Healthcare industry is among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things. The reason for this trend is that collaborating IoT features and specialties into medical equipment and devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service and care, bringing especially high value and services for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions and diseases, and those requiring consistent supervision. According to some of the estimates, spending on the Healthcare IoT solutions will reach a staggering $1 trillion by the end of 2025 and, hopefully, will set the stage for highly personalized, accessible, and on-time Healthcare services for each and every one.

TechThat, as a leading open-source IoT platform, allows OEMs and healthcare system integrators to establish cross-device sustainability and incorporate smarter features into medical devices and other related software and medical engineered systems. Healthcare companies - developing hardware or software products - that have chosen to integrate TechThat’s functionality into their products and services were able to achieve IoT goals faster and at minimal expense. Consequently, these companies now have a vantage point over their competitors.

Completely aware about the mission-critical nature of the IoT in Healthcare and the need of companies for total control over their product’s lifecycle, TechThat’s open- source feature set translates into verifiable reliability, scalability, and full ownership of your TechThat-empowered solution.

What you can do with TechThat

At the convergence of Healthcare and the IoT, an abundance of new life-giving opportunities is getting unhidden. TechThat gives access to the most incredible ones.

By utilizing the TechThat feature set, a finished product for clinical telemedicine and remote patient monitoring can be functional in a matter of weeks or even days. The final product can be integrated into a single EMR solution. TechThat’s open APIs and highly customizable server side allows creation of customized services and the ability to integrate with external telehealth systems to form a broad healthcare solution, which would enable the following:
  • Connect any wearable or portable device to the cloud, pull and analyze collected patient data in real time
  • Monitor patients at home using live video and audio streaming
  • Monitor vital health indicators collected by portable devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Set intelligent emergency notifications sent to a physician or family
  • Charts and diagram visualization based on data collected from health monitoring devices
  • HIPAA-compliant authorization processes and data exchange
TechThat offers medical device manufacturers a set of ready to use tools that enable device remote access, interaction with other devices or systems, and tools for performing “smart” tasks. TechThat can be integrated with portable or stationary medical equipment, it can even fit into a tiny sensor. Once your device is connected TechThat will begin to monitor and collect any type of data generated by the device. The data can be transmitted to the TechThat server for storage, analysis and additional processing.
  • Data collection and real time data analysis
  • Monitor device operation for faults and prevent malfunctions
  • Remote control and device configuration
  • Enable devices to send events and notifications to other devices
  • Maintain an active device inventory and track assets
  • Remote software/firmware updates
The TechThat feature set addresses a broad range of smart hospital functions such as connected rooms, smart alerts and notifications, electronic medical record management, and smartphone-based assistant applications for caregivers.
  • Smart consoles to allow patients to track their treatment process and communicate with clinicians or the world
  • Real-time staff location data to manage workforce efficiently
  • Integrate monitoring devices with analytics software throughout a hospital to provide physicians with greater visibility into patient's vitals
  • Implement in-hospital patient flow management system to effectively track patient status, location, and treatment schedule
  • Set emergency alerts, with escalation, triggered by data collected from patient monitoring devices
  • Remotely monitor and configure an automated drug delivery system
  • Collect and regulate building’s environmental characteristics, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, etc.
  • Implement a medical asset management solution to allow hospital staff to quickly locate equipment, track maintenance status, ensure availability and transparency of the purchasing process
  • Pharmacy inventory management with RFID and other tagging technologies

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