Smart Energy Solutions, Smart Meters and Smart Lighting

Plug into the TechThat IoT Platform and manage energy distribution with the real-time precision

On the journey to the smarter, greener technologies and a sustainable planet, there is but one keystone area that is setting the framework for everything else — and that is smart energy. So far, the mass-scale implementation of smart energy systems has been rather cost-prohibitive and thus at a premium for even the best of modern cities. As a recent cost-relieving breakthrough in this slow-go area, the Internet of Things smart grid solutions have come up with a practical cure to balance out the increasing sophistication of the energy distribution networks and achieve real-time visibility into the consumption process.

The open-source TechThat IoT Platform provides essential IoT functional blocks which allow assembling smart energy solutions with both speed and seamless interoperability. Various sensors, smart metering devices, controllers, smart energy monitors, and electrical grid assets can be, almost literally, plugged into the TechThat cluster and managed in real-time over secure network connection. TechThat is specifically designed to handle large scale deployments by ensuring mission-critical fault-tolerance and high availability during peak loads.

For the local-scale IoT smart energy deployments, TechThat can be used as a master IoT platform for smart building solutions, smart home energy solutions, smart lighting systems, connected heating and air conditioning systems, and IoT smart meters implementation. TechThat provides open APIs for integration with a broad spectrum of possible hardware, and that’s why it is effectively utilized for complex “brownfield” system integrations and the IoT-over-legacy projects.

What you can do with TechThat

The Internet of Things is already saving millions to energy companies and that’s only a low-hanging fruit. With TechThat-powered smart grid solutions, you can reach much higher.

Smart meters are essential to efficient energy consumption and a key part of the smart grid infrastructure. Smart meters help consumers stay fully informed about their daily energy use and eliminate wasteful routines or get rid of inefficient appliances. For utility companies, the real-time visibility into energy consumption process translates into accurate billing data and the ability to balance demand against supply via flexible pricing and other policies. With the TechThat IoT Platform, smart meters can be easily implemented to support these and many other smart grid features.
  • Real-time smart home/smart building energy profile
  • User apps for billing data accounting
  • Smart metering over HVAC, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment
  • Smart meter networks
  • Smart meter data analytics
  • Secure over-the-air configuration
  • Fault detection
Equal in importance to smart metering solutions, smart appliances are a major prerequisite for efficient energy use. TechThat is a feature-rich Internet of Things platform that allows developers to rapidly build and embed IoT applications into connected home appliances, lighting controls, HVAC equipment, hospital systems, industrial hardware, and other machinery. These applications allow users to adjust energy consumption settings, schedule equipment operations, and track billing data in real time, cutting down costs and streamlining production resource planning.
  • IoT applications for smart appliances
  • Embedded smart meters
  • Multi-appliance energy management solutions
  • Consumer electronics electricity management apps
  • Smart building and smart home energy management
  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Industrial equipment energy and billing management
TechThat allows building smart lighting solutions with greater flexibility in regard to choosing hardware components (sensors, smart bulbs, gateways) than most of the other platforms. With TechThat, you are free to use almost any type of device which is mission-applicable for your ecosystem and you will have no issues with integration or interoperability between those devices. In addition to that, TechThat provides a distinctly richer palette of smart features for connected lighting devices than what is offered by “turnkey” smart lighting products.
  • Light sensors and smart bulbs integration
  • Applications (mobile/web) for multi-zone lighting adjustments
  • Individual endpoint profile management
  • Multi-protocol support for data exchange
  • Automated interoperability for lighting elements, gateways
  • Lighting usage patterns analysis
  • Lighting zones policies
  • Effortless OTA firmware updates
For manufacturers of smart grid automation solutions and utility service providers, TechThat offers a safe and proven way to implement smart features into their systems - such as remote control, cross-device interoperability, and fault management - and manage diverse energy distribution networks in real time. As an open-source platform, TechThat gives an advantage of full ownership over the final solution, including the source code, to its users and ensures unobscure APIs for integration with other software and hardware systems.
  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Remote control over connected devices
  • Smart meter networks automation
  • Smart grid load balancing
  • QoS data collection and analytics
  • Equipment predictive maintenance
  • Fault management
  • Data collection for machine learnings

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