IoT Applications for Sport & Fitness

TechThat offers better apps for fitness, sportswear, and connected gym equipment

The most distinguishable effect that the Internet of Things should have is on our daily routines. IoT is now changing the way we exercise and maintain a health cautious lifestyle. Activity trackers and fitness apps are becoming our personal trainers, helping us consistently with both instructions and motivation. Sportswear allows us to transcribe body data into training suggestions, and all kinds of sports equipment are now capable of measuring our performance and reporting it to our smart devices.

The TechThat IoT Platform delivers all these capabilities into your fitness products as production-ready features. With TechThat, you can readily collect data from virtually any sensor, fitness trackers and sporting gear, then analyze it on the basis of the statistics provided and visualize on equipment consoles and mobile devices. In this way, TechThat delivers an end-to- end training solution for the gym enthusiasts and health cautious audeince.

With the combined features of scalability and customizability, TechThat also provides you with a feature-rich toolset for building your own IoT applications for sport & fitness solutions of any scale - ranging from activity tracker apps to management systems for sports venues.

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