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With the breeze of Internet of Things, that has taken over the internet for advanced ways of connectivity, Telecommunications industry is standing on shore of bracing this new technology that would open new horizons for revenue streams and new challenges. With an undoubted know-how that IoT for Telecommunications Industry is going at par anyways, there lies a major question that how large a role in this technology would go to CSPs. Currently there are three things that CSPs can do right now when embarking onto the IoT initiatives which includes the following.

The primary is the capitalization of their infrastructure in order to provide custom consumer applications, a large variety of IoT solutions and managed services. By the help of platform being provided by TechThat, any operator can put its steps in a particular business with its own IoT application. With the help of TechThat platform, CSPs can provide a much better performance at a wider scale and hence, jumping right into the vast strata of user data.

CSPs can also open up new revenue streams by providing edge computing infrastructure for OTT service providers and application developers. Operators would be able to offer their precious service by enabling cloud capabilities for network hardware such as modems, IP DSLMs, CMTSs or base stations and hence consumer behavior patterns can be extracted from this and can be acted upon. This is one of many ways how TechThat can help to grow exponentially.

At last, an extremely amusing opportunity includes minimization of Telco’s operational cost by applying IoT middleware for software defined networking and network function virtualization. By the use of TechThat and its container technologies, rolling out new services and deploying large-scale IoT solutions can be done in a fraction of a time in comparison to time taken by it currently. This can give an upper-hand to CSPs and they can emerge as a bigger and much better service provider in an IoT-savvy competition.

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